If you’re unfamiliar with this traditional Japanese treat, mochi is a rice cake made of glutinous rice, pounded to form a smooth, squishy and chewy texture. We offer a wide range of truffle-sized mochi including flavours like matcha, black sesame, milktart, turkish delight, salted caramel…However, new and delicious flavours are introduced frequently.

If you’d like something a little more on the traditional side, try the mitarashi dango (mochi dumplings on a skewer topped with soy caramel and kinako) or our ever popular Japanese-style cheesecake (a fuffly soufflé-like cheesecake) served with a side of our sweet & salty miso caramel. For the best of both worlds, we have the daifuku doughnut, a classic deep-fried doughnut, with seasonal jam and custard cream topped off with a mochi blanket.

If diving into the world of Japanese desserts is a little scary, no need to worry. Mochi Mochi also offers some baked goods such as miso sticky buns (as the name suggests), melon pan(milkbread bun topped with a crispy cookie layer), cheesy anpan (milkbread bun oozing with a cheesy custard) and more.

In the mood for something savoury? Karepan (steamed bun filled with a mild chicken curry, rolled in panko and deep fried, served with a carrot chutney), wagyu nikuman (steamed and pan fried bun filled with wagyu mince and cheese, served with black vinegar and cucumber pickle) and a variety of milkbread hotdogs including the okonomiyaki dog, the spicy dog, the trout dog and the kewpie egg dog.


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